Gasket nibbler 9615

Gasket nibbler 9615

Gasket nibbler 9615


The complete equipment consists of an aluminium base plate, a nibbler with holding device, a parallel stop, a release key to change the cutting knives, a spare knife, two clamps, punching tool, a plate to punch on as well as a pair of scissors to cut sealing material (prepare smaller pieces from sheet material by hand).


Tool for gasket cutting from sheet materials with or without metal reinforcement in smaller quantities. With this nibbler any gasket form can be cut, not only rings. Ideally for quick repair service and on-site cutting.

Operating range

Voltage: 230 V
Strokes: 100 mm min.
Min. seal diameter: approx. 60 mm
Max. seal diameter approx. 1,500 mm
Seal thickness: 3 mm max.
Max. thickness of metal inlay: 0.2 mm

Forms of supply

Set / spare parts