KN Rubber-PVC gasket 9117/KN

KN Rubber-PVC gasket  9117/KN

KN Rubber-PVC gasket 9117/KN


KN Rubber-PVC gasket 9117/KN consists of a PVC supporting ring and a specially shaped, renewable, inner elastomer seal for installation in non-load-bearing positions in large bore pipework.


  • Reduced weight for large gaskets
  • Easy handling even with large diameters
  • Easy transportation
  • Installation on site
  • Lower overall installed cost when compared to conventional steel gasket

Operating range

Pressure p = 25 bar
Temperature t = -30°C … +130°C (sustained )


Inner seal - EPDM elastomer
Outer ring - PVC

Functional description

The EPDM sealing lip is mounted in the PVC supporting ring which performs both a centering and a load-restricting function. It absorbs the tightening forces necessary for high pressures while protecting the rubber seal from excessive compression. The PVC supporting ring does not come into contact with the medium.


Note to fabrication:
Up to DN 800 or 32“ the sealing lips are manufactured by injection moulding. The higher dimensional accuracy achieved by injection moulding makes it superior to the frequently applied method of production by displacement with an open compression mould. For diameters > DN 800 the sealing lips are extruded and their joints vulcanised to form the sizes needed for installation.

Generally: the smoother the surface, the higher the achievable tightness (Recommended surface roughness Rz ≤100 µm).

Forms of supply

All sizes available for Standard flange connections to DIN , ANSI, BS, JIS up to 4.2 meters diameter pipe flanges
Support ring:
  • DN 600 – one piece construction
  • DN 600 – segmented (site assembly)
  • The gasket can aslo be manufactured to larger or custom sizes as required

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