Heat exchanger seal 2500

Heat exchanger seal 2500

Buralloy <br/>Heat exchanger seal 2500

Heat exchanger seal 2500


Buralloy Heat exchanger seal 2500 gaskets are manufactured using graphite, non-asbestos sheet and non-ceramic fiber as filler, which are then jacketed by various metals such as stainless steel, tin or copper. These gaskets are especially suitable for static sealing under high temperature, such as heat exchangers or pressure vessels.


  • Great pressure resistance
  • Good temperature resistance
  • Easy handling
  • Suitable for small spaces

Operating range

Pressure, temperature and corrosion resistance are depending on the used material combination.


Inner gasket materials:
  • Non-asbestos fiber sheet
  • NBR/Aramid fiber sheet
  • Graphite

Metal jacket materials:
  • Soft Aluminium
  • Soft Copper
  • Brass
  • Carbon steel
  • 304 or 304L St. steel
  • 316 or 316L St. steel
  • 321 St. steel
  • Hastelloy B® or C-276®
  • Inconel 600®
  • Monel 400®
Other metals and alloys available on request.

Forms of supply

Size to suit individual requirements, acc. to ASME or DIN. Please specify your required standard or specific drawing especially if the gasket is used on an heat exchanger with reinforcing ribs.

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