Burajet Chamber rings 8032/AU

Burajet Chamber rings 8032/AU

Burajet Chamber rings 8032/AU


Burajet Chamber rings 8032/AU are profiled end rings with inner lip seal provide excellent retention of Burajet injectable fibre packings 8032/SCW, 8032/SCB, 8032/SCH, and 8032/SCA. Burajet AU lip seals are made from high density Polyurethane, hydrolysis resistant. Burajet FKM lip seals are made from Fluoropolymer. The rings are manufactured to fit the shaft and gland housing diameters. An exact measurement is required (to 0.1 mm decimal place) in order to machine the chamber rings to the correct dimensions.


  • Reduction of risk of media contamination
  • More limited compensation for shaft radial movement

Operating range

Pressure: p = 25 bar
Sliding velocity: vg = 4 m/s
Temperature: t = -30 °C ... +110 °C (8032/AU), -20 ... +220 °C (8032/FKM)

Standards and approvals

  • FDA approval - 8032/FKM


Machined rings should be selected to comply with the operating parameters of the Burajet injectable fibre packing and to meet the relevant process operating conditions. Use careful handling when assembling. The profile ring can be split using a single cut to ease installation around a shaft. It can then be rejoined using acrylo-cyanate adhesive.

Forms of supply

2 rings required per set