Sealing competence for the oil and gas industry

Seals are key components for the operation of oil and gas plants. Rotating equipment, such as pumps, agitators and compressors; valves and flanges as well as pipes and ducts carrying gases and liquids must be reliably sealed. EagleBurgmann provides a comprehensive product portfolio, long-term branch experience, and a profound knowledge of the processes.

Whether a large series seal or an engineered one-off solution: EagleBurgmann products are always robust, reliable, easy to assemble, and present a strong case due to their exemplary cost-benefit ratio. They provide optimal sealing solutions for the processes of up-, mid- and downstream.

Upstream, midstream, downstream: Sealing solutions for the entire process chain

Pumping, transporting, processing: EagleBurgmann has significant experience in all segments and offers advanced sealing systems and services to meet all technical, environmental, and economical requirements.

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