Maximum robust sealing technology for turbo compressors

High-end trio against contamination. For maximum operational safety.

Turbo compressors are key components in production plants. Reliable and safe operation at all times is indispensable.

Long-term analyses show that only 3.9% of all compressor malfunctions are due to problems with Dry Gas Seals (DGS). However, any unplanned machine failure is annoying and can quickly cause immense economic damage.

The number one cause of damage to DGS here is impurity due to contaminated process or seal supply gas and penetrating bearing oil.

That is a problem for every seal: Obvious dirt deposits on mechanical seals due to seal supply gas (left), process gas (center), bearing oil (right)

Anyone who operates compressors and has to contend with impurities must invest an enormous amount of resources in prevention and in damage repair. A permanent risk of failure exists nonetheless. Even small amounts of impurities can cause the DGS to fail.

Dirt deposits in the DGS cause contact between the seal faces or excessive torques which negatively affect safe and reliable operation. This does not have to be the case!

EagleBurgmann has developed innovative products with superior technology designed to reliably repel impurities or react less sensitively to them:

RoTechSeal – DGS with individual technology tuning for increased robustness against contamination from seal supply gas more...

RoTechBooster – Gas supply unit for protection against contamination from process gas during slow roll and pressurized compressor standstill more...

CobaSeal – Separation seal as protection against contamination from bearing oil more...

RoTechSeal, RoTechBooster and CobaSeal are a technically reliable and economically attractive high-end trio that can cope with many types of contamination in compressor operation. The overall result is excellent performance which ensures significantly increased operational safety and economic efficiency.


Sustainability Board

EagleBurgmann continuously minimizes the impact of its own production processes (footprint) on the environment. At the same time, we improve sustainability for our customers (handprint) with innovative and reliable products.

Our Robust Technology solutions specifically excel in the following:



  • Leakage optimization and subsequent reduction of environmentally harmful emissions (RoTechSeal)


  • Reduced energy consumption, e.g. through reduced nitrogen consumption (CobaSeal)


  • The products are known for their high quality and long operating periods.
  • The solutions are of high quality, enabling long operating periods and increased lifetime. When servicing is required, the products can be repaired and only defective parts are replaced.


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