Gasket cutter

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The gasket cutter consists of a base plate to cut on, a short and a long bar with a sliding cutting tool. The sealing material is fixed by the central bolt. The tools to punch the central hole are easy to handle. After fixing the sealing material on the base plate and adjusting the cutting diameter on the bar, the gasket is cut by rotating the cutting tool.
Especially suitable to produce small quantities of gaskets from sheet materials. An easy-to-handle special tool. Also suitable for rubber, plastics and other materials; from inner diameter 30 mm up to outer diameter 1,000 mm.
9614/A Spare cutting knife
9614/B Plexiglas slider
9614/C Short bar
9614/D Central socket
9614/E PVC plate
9614/F Hole punching tool
9614/G Ground plate to punch on
9614/I Central bolt
9614/K Knife holder
9614/L Long bar
9614/SK Special cutting knife for gaskets made of Statotherm graphite without carrier and with stainless steel smooth metal carrier (not suitable for graphite with punched metal carrier).
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